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The P1100 Mobile Phone

P1100 phone This phone was demonstrated by Scott McNealy during a keynote speech at JavaOne, and reviewed in T3 in February 2000 - but unfortunately it then got cancelled when the manufacturer 'rationalised' their mobile phone business.

The phone translated Java to machine code for speed rather than just interpreting it. I was at Tao Group, (which has tranmogrified into Antix Labs Ltd since) at the time and involved at the machine code end. I seem to have done a lot of very low level stuff over the years :)

3 phone applications

The gadget magazine T3 gave it a ***** rating and headed their review with:


and described its most innovative aspects as:

The most interesting thing about the P1088, as opposed to any other phone, is the fact that it's Java-enabled. This means that browsing the Web or even a WAP games server is likely to be more enjoyable than on a non-java device. Java allows the phone to download little programs called applets and then run them on the phone to enhance the graphics and add animation to the experience. Just try out the World Driving game and you'll see what I mean.
Add to that a fully-featured calendar and alarm, organising functions and note writing facilities, and you can see that this is probably the most exciting mobile phone ever produced. forget anything else around, the Motorola P1088 has got the lot,