A Random Walk in the Park I try to get a bit more exercise - how well do I succeed?
The Rows Three Garden A collection of line of 3 configurations.
The Problem of the Right Wiggly Triangles F+V=E+2 to the rescue?
The Problem of the Bouncing Cannon Balls Use turns to solve a straight line motion.
What age would I prefer to be? Not my current one for sure! A nice simple puzzle.
Talks to the U3A Maths Group PDFs of various PowerPoint presentations.
Tesseract An interactive hypercube as viewed by a 4D eye.
Pancursal Track Layout Laying wooden railway track so the engine goes everywhere.
Meccano A few models I've managed to photo.
3D Viewer Forget about those 3D specs, use Meccano and some potentiometers.
Bracknell Reel Club Scottish Country Dancing. (I run this site plus RSCDS Berks/Hants/Surry Border Branch)
Jokes Some jokes of mine
Who was Fano anyway? Gino Fano the mathematician

Some Interesting Projects I've Worked on

DAP- A Distributed Array Processor
SCAFS - A Relational Database Search Accelerator
HCAB - Hierarchic Cabbage
Cartoon by Jack Kirwan
P1100 - A mobile phone with Java

Other Stuff

Ludgate's Analytical Machine Could it really have been built?
The Wireless World computer, much more primitive than a Sinclair Mk14 or a Nascom!
The Singer System 10, one of the last decimal machines?
Branch prediction, see how to pack information into a single bit!
Cake Cutting with Full Knowledge
Describes a protocol for two people to share out a resource in any given ratio when both know exactly how much the other values each part of it. I thought I'd thought of a protocol for more than 2 but I made a mistake so the newer papers have been removed.

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